Raspberry Pi電腦板

CSE30 – HW #2
Part I – Due Monday Oct 26, 2015 by 11:30pm
Part II – Due Monday Nov 2, 2015 by 11:30 pm
This is an assignment in two parts. In the first part you are given more
practice with GDB, the GNU Project Debugger and a lot of practice with
pointers by writing C code that uses them heavily. You will also make your
first venture into Assembly.
The second part of the assignment focusses on translating your C code
to Assembly. After completing the assignment you should know many of the
important ARM instructions (particularly those that interact with memory)
and understand what goes on under the hood of your C program.
Please note that part II is due one week after the due date of part I.
This assignment is subject to the style guidelines posted on the course
All parts of this assignment should be completed and tested on
the Raspberry Pi.
Part I
1 GDB: More debugging practice
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