Programming with Python

Assignment Rules:

  • Assignment Rules are exactly the same as the previous programming assignments.

Assignment Objective:

  • Assignments 3 and 4 are designed to help you prepare for a very common task in many jobs. Get hold of some data, and analyze the data to develop some insights. Python is a popular tool for this kind of tasks. Matplotlib is a free Python module for plotting your results. Although it is part of my syllabus, unfortunately, we may not get there in this course.
  • The input file is provided both as a txt file and as a xlsx file. You can use either. No extra points for using the xlsx file, but it will give you practice and gratifaction!

Q1: The input file (worldseries winners.txt全优代写 - 北美Essay代写,Report代写,留学生论文代写作业代写), contains a record for each year with year,? winner, runner up, and score. Read all the questions before making any decisions.

  • You can build different dictionaries for different tasks. I

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