Object-Oriented Programming

For this assignment you are to begin by implementing the class Rectangle. Objects of his class, as implied by its name, are intended to model rectangles, where a rectangle is characterized by a length and width, each of which is a Length class object. (This Length class is the one implemented in the previous assignment.) The Rectangle class should include the following set of functions:




Default constructor initializing an object to a width and length of 0;

Rectangle(Length ln, Length w);

Initialization constructor initializing an object to a length of ln and a width of w.


全优代写 - 北美Essay代写,Report代写,留学生论文代写作业代写Access Functions:

Length getLength();

Length getWidth();

double getArea();

This function returns the area of a rectangle in square feet expressed as a doouble.

bool EqualAreaTo(Rectangle);

bool GreaterAreaThan(Rectangle);

bool LessAreaThan(Rectangle);



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