Inter-Process Communication Engines

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1. Objective
Lab 2 is designed to help you understand how to use IPC mechanisms to support communications
between two processes. In the class you have learned Pipe, RPC, Socket, Shared Memory, and Signal. In
this lab, you will practice three different IPC mechanisms: Unix Socket, System V Shm and Posix Shm to
enable processes to send/receive messages.
2. Background
This section introduces the context of the lab and gives you an idea of why and when you would need to
do this type of task.
When system software engineers in industry build backend server systems (e.g., in big cloud or large
data centers), they often start and run m communication-driver processes and n application processes
on the server, where m <= n. The driver process receives requests from a great number of clients, and
then sends them to the application process to process. Note that here the driver process and the
application process are on the same machine. To implement this step, you need an inter-pro

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