CSE320 Fall 2015 – Homework 4

CSE320 Fall 2015 – Homework 4
Due Friday 10/30/2015 @ 11:59pm
The goal of this assignment is to become f amiliar with low-level Unix/POSIX system calls related to
process and job control, f ile access, and IPC (pipes and redirection). You will write a mini-shell with basic
operations (a small subset of Bash’s f unctionality). Expected length of this C program is 1000-2000
lines of code (not very long, but the code will be challenging, so start early).
Af ter completing this homework you should:
Understand process execution, pipes, and f orks
Enhance your understanding of *nix commands and the command line
Working with existing C libraries and system calls
Enhance your C programming abilities
Working with a partner
You are allowed to have groups of up to two members f or the remaining assignments. If you wish to
have a partner you must email cse320@cs.stonybrook.edu. The email should have the subject:
[CSE320] Group Formation . The contents of the email should contain the f ollowing inf

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