bmp manipulation

// ~ Overview ~ //

This exercise will familiarize you with structures, dynamic memory allocation, and
file operations.

// ~ Learning Goals ~ //

(1) To learn to read and write a structure into a file
(2) To learn to manipulate arrays

// ~ Submitting Your Assignment ~ //

You must submit one zip file to blackboard. This zip file must

(1) pe07.c
(2) bmp.c

You create the zip file using the following command.

> zip pe07.c bmp.c

// ~ Overview ~ //

The main purpose of this exercise is to familiarize you with
structures. It will also give you more practice with file operations
and memory allocation.

This exercise (and the next one) will gear you up for PA04, which
deals with an image format called BMP, which is commonly used in the Windows
operating system. Most web browsers are also able to read and display BMP files.
It is a modification of the exercise that Prof. Yung-Hsiang Lu gave to
his class.

In this exercise, you will read in a BMP file, and depending on the option
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