Month: December 2016

Building integrated software systems

COMP 206 Assignment 5
Building integrated software systems
Due Dec. 5, 11:59PM
Marked out of 100. Total 150 possible o sets any points
missed in previous assignments.

1 Pedagogical objectives
Implement a larger software system that includes components from the web,
C libraries written by others, as well as your own code written in Python in
全优代写 - 北美Essay代写,Report代写,留学生论文代写作业代写 order to produce a functional integrated system.

2 Background – Image Filtering
A common operation in graphics and video production is to apply a so-called
lter to an image through the process of convolution. We are considering
convolution because it easily shows the di erences in eciency between lan-
guages and implementations. For example, a code sample convolve
can be found in COMP206 A5 provided.tar.gz, and compared with the con-
vert built-in we have used during A1. Both apply a Laplacian lter to nd
edges in an image, but the built-in function is over 100 times faster:You are not responsible for the ner details of convolution, you must